• [A la carte]

    • Sea grapes (Onna production)

      Sea grapes (Onna production)

      850 yen

      Bubble wrap and texture popular ♪

    • Island shallot

      Island shallot

      570 yen

      Shallot of Mars (salt) is pickled

    • Pig Mimiga

      Pig Mimiga

      570 yen

      It is a simple salty

    • Sunui (thick Mozuku vinegar)

      520 yen
    • Jimami tofu (juice of Chimame)

      570 yen

      Flavor of Chimame (peanuts) will faint

    • Sukugarasu tofu (fry salted welfare)

      490 yen

      Leave a salted welfare

    • Tang Furong (tofu that was aged in awamori and Benimen)

      620 yen

      It is a delicacy called the East of cheese, both awamori GOOD

    • Gachima house special salad

      800 yen

      Irabucha (blue parrot fish) and a seafood salad that was riding the sea grapes.

    • Crisp salad of papaya

      800 yen
  • [Chanpuru]

    • Goya Chanpuru

      850 yen

      It is the king of Okinawa traditional home cooking ♪ nutritious summer vegetables!

    • Fu Chanpuru

      800 yen

      Your bran Champloo

    • Saw Min Chanpuru

      770 yen

      Quickly stir-fry of Somin (Somen)

    • Papa yer Chanpuru

      770 yen

      It is delicious ♪

  • [Pork]

    • Foot Tibichi stew

      720 yen

      6 hours is carefully stewed pig feet.Collagen plenty

    • Raf tea (boiled horn with pork belly skin)

      Raf tea (boiled horn with pork belly skin)

      870 yen

      Classic menu of Okinawa cuisine !!

    • Pork fried eggs

      Pork fried eggs

      670 yen

      Dish of Okinawa classic baked the spam to a crisp

    • Agu pig of Mars Grilled

      980 yen

      Mars (salt) and black pig was a simple seasoning of pepper

  • [Fried]

    • Sata Andagi (month 3)

      550 yen

      Kore Speaking snack of Okinawa classic!

    • Deep-fried Gurukun (prefecture fish)

      800 yen

      Fish, Japanese name Takasago representative of Okinawa.Let there be very delicious! By all means try!

    • Mozuku heaven, Goya heaven, Murasakiimoten, Dur heaven (Taimo)

      Each 600 yen

      Okinawa tempura Assorted (above 5 points) 1100 yen

    • Rakkyo heaven

      600 yen
  • 【meal】

    • Okinawa soba

      700 yen

      Half Mori soba 580 yen

    • Soki Soba

      850 yen

      Half Mori Soki soba 680 yen

    • Okinawa chow mein

      820 yen
    • Okinawa specialty taco rice

      900 yen
    • Corner boiled fried rice

      900 yen
    • Rice set (rice, oil miso, fat tofu)

      Rice set (rice, oil miso, fat tofu)

      420 yen

      Soft, rich flavor of "fat tofu" entering of healthy Tantan flavor soup is ♪ fluffy tofu texture and mellow soup of whets the appetite ♪ [Kannai tavern Sakuragicho birthday Kannai lunch Women's Association all-you-can-drink private room Dating tavern anniversary farewell Mukaekai pot]

  • 【dessert】

    • Blue Seal of red potato ice

      420 yen
    • Sugarcane ice

      420 yen