• [A la carte]

    • Sea grape (from Onna village)

      Sea grape (from Onna village)

      850 yen

      Popularity ♪ popular texture bubble wrap

    • Island islands

      Island islands

      570 yen

      It is pickled in rakkyo at the mars (salt)

    • Pig mimicar

      Pig mimicar

      570 yen

      It's simple salty.

    • Snoi (heavy vinegar)

      520 yen
    • Jimmy's Tofu (bean jam of soybeans)

      570 yen

      The flavor of soybeans (peanuts) will be faint

    • Sukugaras Tofu (Fishes of the last day)

      490 yen

      Pick up your last broth

    • Tang Fu Rong (tofu aged with awamori and red noodles)

      620 yen

      It is a delicacy called Oriental cheese, both Awamori and GOOD

    • Rice home special salad

      800 yen

      Irubucha (blue bunny) and seafood salad with sea grape.

    • Papaya's Shakisaki Salad

      800 yen
  • [Chanpuru]

    • Goya Chanpuru

      850 yen

      Traditional home cooking in Okinawa ♪ The king of summer vegetables with plenty of nutrition!

    • Fu Chanpuru

      800 yen

      Ooh's Champloo

    • Sormin Champloo

      770 yen

      Sauté of saomin (Somen)

    • Papaya Champloo

      770 yen

      It is delicious ♪

  • [Pork]

    • Braised legs Tibiti

      720 yen

      It is a swine foot stewed slowly for 6 hours.Plenty of collagen

    • Raf tea (boiled horn with pork belly skin)

      Raf tea (boiled horn with pork belly skin)

      870 yen

      Classic menu of Okinawa cuisine !!

    • Pork with egg yaki

      Pork with egg yaki

      670 yen

      Okinawa classic dish which crushed spam crisply

    • Grilled egg pork with marble

      980 yen

      Black pork with a simple flavor of mars (salt) and pepper

  • [Fried]

    • Sator Andagi (3)

      550 yen

      Speaking of Okinawa classic snacks!

    • Deep-fried Gulcum (prefectural fish)

      800 yen

      A fish representative of Okinawa · Japanese name Takasago.Very delicious! Have a try!

    • Mozuku Heaven, Goya Heaven, Sweet Potato, Duru Tian (Tamo)

      Each 600 yen

      Okinawa tempura platter (5 points above) 1100 yen

    • Lucky Cheaven

      600 yen
  • 【meal】

    • Okinawa soba

      700 yen

      Semi-raised soba 580 yen

    • Soki Soba

      850 yen

      Half prime soba soba 680 yen

    • Okinawa yakisoba

      820 yen
    • Okinawa specialty taco rice

      900 yen
    • Braised fried rice

      900 yen
    • Rice set (rice, oil miso, yushi tofu)

      Rice set (rice, oil miso, yushi tofu)

      420 yen

      It is a healthy, rich flavor soup with a soft, rich flavor of "Yushi tofu" ♪ food texture and mellow soup of fluffy tofu taste appetite ♪ 【Kannai Izakaya Sakuragicho birthday Kannai lunch girls' party all-you-can-drink Individual room date pub cuisine celebration welcome pamphlet】

  • 【dessert】

    • Blue Seal's Red Sweet Ice

      420 yen
    • Sugarribi Ice

      420 yen