• Uchina lunch (AM11: 30 ~ PM13: 30) -Weekday only-

    • Goya Chanpuru set

      980 yen

      Bitter gourd chanpuru and semi-prime buckwheat Rice

    • Taco rice set

      800 yen

      Okinawa taco rice and half prime buckwheat

    • Corner boiled fried rice set

      800 yen

      Corner boiled fried rice and half prime buckwheat

    • Oil 淋鶏 set meal

      800 yen

      Of young chicken Tang frying oil gonorrhea sauce and semi-prime buckwheat, rice

    • Pork egg set meal

      800 yen

      Spam and egg baked and semi-prime buckwheat, rice

    • Limited 10 meals] pork bowl set

      850 yen

      Pig bowl and half prime buckwheat using the Tokachi pig, Rice

    • Okinawa soba

      650 yen

      Our special soup of Okinawa soba, boiled fish paste, pork-filled

    • Chicken buckwheat / miso Tantan buckwheat

      Each 750 yen

      It is near the chicken broth or meat miso containing pyridinium miso using the noodles of buckwheat Okinawa.

    • Soki Soba

      780 yen

      From that of the Soki carrying the Soki to spare ribs! Okinawa soba of pig